Bodywriting: Reading List

A creative writing course taught by Clyde Smith
at the Ohio State University, Autumn 1998


Carol-Lynne Moore--"Body Metaphors: Some Implications for Movement
Education" from Interchange, vol 18, no. 3 (Fall 1987)

Laurel Richardson--"Writing: A Method of Inquiry" (1994)
chapter in Handbook of Qualitative Research edited by Denzin & Lincoln

Bone, Breath & Gesture (1995) edited by Don Johnson
introduction by Don Johnson
chapter by Thomas Hanna, What Is Somatics?

Clyde F. Smith--miscellanous short pieces

Body Studies

Michel Foucault "Docile bodies" chapter from Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison

Marcel Mauss--"The notion of body techniques"
chapter from Sociology and Psychology: Essays by Mauss (1979)

Bodylore (1993) edited by Katharine Young
Preface, Introduction and Annotated Bibliography

The 1960s

Germaine Greer
"Hair" chapter from The Female Eunuch (1971)

H. Rap Brown
Chapter 1 from Die Nigger Die (1969)

HAIR--the musical
lyrics to title song

Nora Sayre--selections from Sixties Going On Seventies (1970?)

Thomas Hanna--chapter 1 from Bodies in Revolt (1969?)

Queer Bodies

Kate Bornstein--chapters 2 and 3 from Gender Outlaw: On men, women and
the rest of us (1994)

Tim Miller--"My Queer Body" a performance script
in sharing the delirium (1994) edited by Therese Jones

Keith Hennessy pamphlet--"Addressing the Queer Man's Role in The New World Anarchy and the Future of the Men's Movements in the dis/United States" (1992)

Technology and the Virtual Body

Donna Haraway--"A Cyborg Manifesto"
from Simians, Cyborgs, and Women (1991)

J. G. Ballard
first chapter from crash (1973)

miscellaneous selections from Mondo Barbie: An Anthology of Fiction and Poetry (1993) edited by Richard Peabody & Lucinda Ebersole

Performing Bodies

Sally Banes
chapter 6 from Greenwich Village: Avant-Garde Performance and the
Effervescent Body (1993)

ReSearch #13: Angry Women
interviews with Carolee Schneemann and Linda Montano